The ComplyRx Platform is designed to make benefit broker products and service more effective by enhancing access to those products and services and by encouraging employee use. ComplyRx strengthens the value proposition of existing health and wellness programs while empowering stakeholders to better understand ROI. We believe the use of our Platform will help employers and their brokers negotiate lower health insurance premiums, and also lower deductibles, co-pays and premiums for employees who use our Platform.

Many employers are not properly equipped to effectively manage wellness efforts. Benefit brokers serve a crucial need in the marketplace, helping employers decide what programs to use. Some brokers also help employers administer programs on the employer’s behalf. Programs offered by benefit brokers have a well established ROI if used by employees. However, even the best equipped brokers struggle with utilization – employee participation in corporate disease management programs stands at less than 15%. Nationwide, 50% of people with a chronic disease do not comply with their treatment plan resulting in disease progression and increased use of healthcare resources. The ComplyRx Platform directly addresses this problem.