ComplyRx software solutions lower healthcare costs and improve outcomes by changing the way employers, benefit experts, and providers communicate.

We centralize the administration and management of health and wellness programs, with the goal of helping employers and payors meet or exceed program utilization goals, particularly among at-risk members living with chronic conditions.

We leverage web-based tools and modern mobility to help administrators connect with members in entirely new ways. A combination of highly effective strategies including employee marketing, mobile communication, incentives, reporting, risk assessment, compliance, and interventional care are available through our platform.

The ComplyRx Platform

At the core of ComplyRx is a secure, interactive member management platform – the ComplyRx Platform is the clearinghouse through which our customers deploy and manage health and wellness programs on behalf of their members. Centralizing the administration of health and wellness programs yields measurable benefits for our customers by increasing adoption and utilization of services while simultaneously reducing the burden of program management.

Our turnkey marketing and monitoring tools encourage wellness program adoption and utilization and promotes greater accountability. Our ability to segment members by risk profile or disease state allows program administrators to tailor services and care plans to those in need. In addition, it allows marketing resources to be deployed in the most efficient manner.

Our focus on mobility helps administrators interact with members 24/7/365 and in a manner that is highly engaging. We make health and wellness goals attainable by allowing members to use our platform anywhere and at any time. Program use is encouraged through a comprehensive incentives plan. Members are rewarded for using the platform and for specific behaviors. We provide a complete workflow for incentive creation, tracking, and fulfillment.

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Because we track every interaction within our platform, our reporting capabilities allow administrators to understand how members utilize services and comply with their plan of care. ComplyRx makes possible a data-driven approach to our customers’ healthcare decision making that extends far beyond what is currently available.

Our customizable platform has been designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of our customers. In addition to our suite of health and wellness tools and resources, we can readily extend the functionality found within our platform to meet your specific requirements.

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